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Do you need a HR Audit?

HR AuditWhat is a Human Resource Audit?

As a business owner, you should meet certain legal requirements and outline rules and regulations within your business. A way to successfully do this is to have a HR Audit conducted for your business.

A HR Audit is a systematic analysis and evaluation of your business. It looks at what your Human Resource Management is doing right, what could be done better and what could be done to improve. Good HRM is essential to a business with goals of efficiency and sustainability.

How can we help?

Prosper HR offer the service of a HR Audit tailored to your business’ individual requirements. Our HR Audit will look at issues such as:


We look at the quality of the recruitment process performed by the managers within the business. This involves us seeing evidence that the managers are fully aware of the issues and have a clear understanding of how to compose job advertisements, make selections and effectively conduct interviews, create application forms and other legally compliant recruitment documents.

Terms and Conditions

We review your paperwork for your business. If you are missing contracts between the business and its employees, we can design and provide contracts that are legally compliant and up to date. We look at the documents within the business and ensure they are legally correct. We can update all relevant documents as the law changes.

Wages, equal pay, sick pay, working hours, annual leave

We check employees receive at least the national minimum wage and are issued with itemised pay slips, a clear sick pay scheme is in place, monitor workers hours to ensure compliance with the Working Time Directive and regulations associated.

Fixed term, part time work

We check that full time and part time employees receive the same hourly rate, their correct holiday entitlement equivalent to their contracted hours, shared opportunities for promotions, and the same entitlement for maternity, paternity and parental leave.

Disciplinary and grievance procedures

We provide help towards managers to ensure they are aware of the businesses disciplinary and grievance procedures, the laws that surround this and the proper procedures to follow for staff. We provide assistance in the disciplinary and grievance procedures as an investigator and process the legal documents surrounding this.


We look at the culture within the business. We want to help managers be fully aware of the law surrounding discrimination for your staff, ensure the polices regarding discrimination are clearly visible to the employees etc.

What next?

After an audit has been completed, we provide a report for you accompanied by recommended and advice on the  to improve your HRM.

If you want to find out more about what Prosper HR can offer your business, please contact us:

T: 01603 217586


Or leave a message for us on our Contact Us page.

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