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August 4, 2014
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September 16, 2014
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7 signs you need help with HR

Help with HRSmall business owners have enough on their plate without worrying about people problems. Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

  1. You will be recruiting additional staff soon but are not sure how to draft an appointment letter or contract of employment. Is it enough to agree the duties of the role verbally?
  2.  It is taking you most of an afternoon to run the payroll each week, but you can’t afford to employ someone full time. And you’re not sure you’re complying with payroll legislation.
  3.  A member of staff is frequently late, absent or seen standing around talking. You want to discipline them but are not sure how to handle it. What is the procedure for giving verbal and written warnings and when should you dismiss someone?
  4.  You regularly employ foreign nationals but haven’t been carrying out Right to Work checks. Do you know the consequences of employing illegal immigrants?
  5.  You have more than five employees but no staff handbook or staff files in place. How can you take care of induction and training?
  6.  The time has come to employ someone to take care of your HR, but how do you ensure they have the appropriate training and experience? That’s why you’re looking for someone, right?
  7.  You would like to put in place an appraisal system and need help to organise it. You’re busy running the business and can’t dedicate the time to this one-off project.

Outsourced HR on a contract or ad hoc basis can fill the gap between doing everything yourself and employing your own HR staff. This can cover anything from dismissing an employee found guilty of gross misconduct to recruiting your new Head of HR. We handle weekly and monthly payrolls, HR audits and annual appraisals.

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