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5 steps to implementing a stress management policy

As an employer being pulled in so many directions, we know it can be challenging to keep up to date with the latest legislation. And Health and Safety at work is no exception.

All employers have a legal responsibility to minimise the risk of stress related illness or injury and this can include implementing a workable stress management policy. So take a look at our five simple steps to help you navigate the minefield of Health and Safety regulations and create a healthier work environment:

1) Monitor factors that suggest there is an issue with work-related stress; this includes absenteeism, retention of staff, poor performance and conflict between staff.

2) Implement pragmatic policies and procedures regarding work-related stress and ensure these are well communicated. If employees raise concerns, these areas need to be risk assessed and a management plan developed.

3) Plan for stress-related risks when embarking on significant organisational change. This can include ensuring one-to-one meetings are arranged to discuss how changes will affect individuals.  

4) Ensure staff have the appropriate training to complete their role and promote a culture where employees feel valued and listened to. Stress is strongly linked to perceptions of control including involvement in decision making, influence over performance targets and adequate time to meet expectations.

5) Offer appropriate return to work support and reasonable adjustments if needed for employees that are absent from work due to stress. Research shows that not being in work can be detrimental to health and wellbeing so working together to help staff back is beneficial for everyone.

Help is at hand! You can find out more about employers’ responsibilities regarding work-related stress at our upcoming workshop taking place on 10th October – on World Mental Health Day – at Barnham Broom Hotel, Norwich. Also learn about building resilience in your team. Be clear on stress and book your place here.

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